Want a trainer, coach or physiotherapists?

Here is a list of physiotherapists and trainers that are permitted to work out of SAC.

PLEASE NOTE: Trainer fees and booking availability are determined by the trainer, not SAC. Trainers must be contacted directly! In addition to the trainer fees, clients must pay the SAC day pass rate of $12.00 if not already a SAC member. Trainers contact information is in their profiles below. Please note, some trainers require that the initial assessment visit occur at their own location.



Sarah graduated from the University of Montreal with a Master’s in physical therapy. She specializes in climbing and running injuries, and concussion management.

Sarah gives much importance to individualized treatment according to each patient’s goals. She wants to help patients understand and manage their pain to be free from it ultimately. Her treatment techniques include exercise prescription, education, manual therapy, myofascial release, taping, and concussion rehabilitation strategies.

Sarah enjoys being a lifelong learner. She pursued her interest in climbing injuries by taking a course with Jared Vagy, the Climbing Doctor. Sarah also received her level one course with the Runner’s Clinic. She can prevent and treat running injuries with many tools, including assessing the running pattern. She has also completed the Complete Concussion Management Course. Since completing these credentials, she has treated and worked with many climbers and runners of all levels.

Sarah’s passion for the outdoors is what brings her to Squamish. She likes to climb, backcountry ski, run and hike in her free time. Sarah is also fluent in French.

Sarah does all her initials in her own clinic and suggests that patients can to come to SAC for a follow up as needed.


Warren Chow

Movement Strength Coach & PTSW

Warren has always had an affinity for movement and fitness since a young age and enjoys cross-fit, traditional Chinese martial arts and boxing. For the past 10 years he has been training and coaching Crossfit.  As he progressed with coaching classes and personal clients, he got more intrigued with how the human body manages and establishes control in movement.  After rehabbing various injuries from his own training and helping clients recover from their injuries, his movement fascination took him down a path of mobility, functional conditioning and movement strength. 

Over the last few years, Warren has started collaborating with a group of Physiotherapists known as the Balanced Collective as a Physiotherapy Support Worker (PTSW). As part of this team, he helps to rehabilitate injuries while helping clients build strength and mobility through the individualized needs of the client. When it comes to fitness and coaching clients, Warren’s believes in ensuring that his clients understand the importance of moving with purpose movement integrity – Always move like you care.

On a side note, Warren is also a professional actor who’s been in several television serials and films in both Canada and the US.  When he’s not busy nerding out on fitness and movement, he’s likely auditioning or on set living the actor’s life 🙂


  • Pain Free Strength and Conditioning Certification – PPSC
  • Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist – FRS
  • Movement Optimization for Pre-hab & Performance – Rehab-U Performance & Rehab Therapy
  • Kettlebell Certification – Bell Sound Mov’t 108
  • Previous certificates
  • Upper + Upper Body Mobility – Agatsu
  • Cross-fit Level 1

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