Covid, Gym and Fob Rules

Honesty and trust is a huge aspect of being a SAC member. Please oblige out of respect for everyone, including the downstairs neighbours. 


  • Washing hands upon entry, cleaning the equipment before and after, respect the space bubbles of others. and avoid the gym if not feeling well.


  • All participants must sign in upon entry
  • Use control when lowering the weights. We are on the second floor and the kids downstairs get scared with the noise. Dropping weights risks our lease.
  • Clean and put equipment back where it belongs out of respect for everyone else 
  • Keep the weight plates organized. Tens go with the tens, 25’s with the 25’s etc.
  • Work in and share the space and equipment with everyone. No swearing, bullying or inappropriate behaviour towards participants or staff
  • Clean gym shoes, no bare feet. Please do not track dirt into the gym 
  • Liquid and block chalk is preferred over loose chalk. If you use loose chalk, keep it contained. If you spill it, clean it up.
  • Keep showers to five minutes. No shaving in the sink
  • Coaching is only allowed by personal trainers who have paid the training fee and provided proof of insurance. Giving advice is fine within reason as determined by SAC. If a trainer is found training clients without prior arrangements with SAC, they will be asked to stop or pay for the rental fee. If found again the membership may be terminated without refund.
  • All SAC users must have signed the Waiver of Liability and have been through orientation prior to being allowed to train at our facility


Fob access is a privilege granted by Squamish Athletic Club. Members must abide by the following rules.

  • Fob access hours are between 4:00 am to 11:00 pm, 365 days a year. People must exit by midnight
  • The last person to exit SAC must turn off all the lights, close all windows and ensure the doors are securely closed 
  • Fob users must abide by SAC gym rules while using the facility. Ie: log in, do not drop weights, clean up after yourself, turn the lights off when you leave, do not let others in, etc.
  • If you let someone in during fob hours, you will be fined $50 which is to be paid within one week. Repeating this risks your membership
  • The upstairs fob door must be closed at all times unless during staffed hours
  • All fob members must be 18 years of age or older and must provide ID to verify
  • $10 to replace a lost fob, $10 rebate when fob returned. Squamish Athletic Club retains the right to disarm Fob access and/or ask for its return without refund or acknowledgment. 
  • Fobs access is only for Term and PAP members who are paid up to date. If your banking information lapses, you will be notified and will have one week to update your information before your fob will be deactivated

Thanks for reading this far!