Prices and How to Join

There are four ways to access SAC:

  1. term membership
  2. contractual EFT membership
  3. a punch card
  4. day pass

We do not offer free trials. A day pass is $12.

To become a member of SAC, you must come in during staffed hours to sign the membership forms and waiver, show ID, and pick up a fob if you want FOB access. See prices below.

EFT memberships are 6 month or 12 month minimum contracts that require bank information and ID. For EFT contracts, we accept debit or credit.

Term memberships range from one month to a year. They are “paid up-front” memberships that are non-contractual and non-refundable. For TERM memberships, we accept cash, debit, credit or e-transfer. Term memberships can be renewed in person, over the phone during staffed hours with a credit card, or e-transfer. For e-transfers, fobs will be considered activated once you get a notification that the money has been deposited. Please remember to renew at least 2 days in advance to ensure full fob access as staff must be in the gym to activate fobs and they do not come in during unstaffed hours to activate fobs.

Drop ins and punch cards

Drop ins and punch cards are allowed only during staffed hours. Drops ins and Punch card holders can not purchase fobs and are not permitted to enter the gym with fob owners during fob only (unstaffed) hours.

Want a FOB?

To get a fob and access the gym during fob hours a person must be a minimum of 18 years old and have a minimum of one month membership. Fobs can not be shared. Fobs are for the fob owner only and can not be used to let in people who do not own their own fob and/or membership.

Under 18?

Under 18’s are allowed in SAC during regular staffed hours and after a parent has signed a waiver on their behalf. This allows for training 4 days a week, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Under 18’s can access the gym during fob hours with SAC permission and if accompanied with a parent or adult who holds a valid membership and fob, so long as the under 18 has their own membership. They must not be left unattended and must leave the gym when the parent / accompanying adult leaves the gym.

Student? Senior? Family?

Students must provide valid post-secondary ID that shows an expiration date and / or proof of registration to get the student discount of 20%. Our senior age is 60. The family discount is 5% so long as the memberships are purchased at the same time, for the same duration, and both people share the same address.