We are changing things up! Since we are called the Squamish Athletic Club, we have decided to run it more like a club  – which means encouraging monthly fob memberships. Therefore, our staffed hours are being slowly reduced. This will not affect those who own fobs! 

  • Drop ins (day pass + punch card users): now is a good time to upgrade your pass. Otherwise, drop ins and anything to do with memberships will be limited to the new open hours.  
  • Punch card folks: Any unfinished punch cards can be used towards credit for a membership. I am also in the process of finding out if the current system will allow limited entries on fobs. If this is of interest to you, please let me know.
  • Term members: I suggest that people renew at least 3 days before their passes expire to ensure fob access. In addition, renewing your membership online will soon be an option. Stay tuned!

Starting September 10th, the new open staffed hours will be:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 1 – 7
  • Saturday: 12 – 5
  • Fob Hours: 4 am – 11 pm everyday including holidays

Please note, these staffed hours are subject to change.


  • Masks are required in all “Common areas of sport and fitness centres when not engaged in physical activity.” SAC requires those who are not fully vaccinated to wear their mask for their entire stay, including while working out. 
  • In addition, “by order of the PHO, proof of vaccination will be required to access some events, services and businesses.” This includes fitness facilities. As of September 13th, you will be required to prove vaccine status and valid government ID in order to use our facility. 
  • Please respect the space bubbles of others.
  • Washing hands upon entry, cleaning the equipment before and after, don’t touch your face and avoid the gym if sick or not feeling well.

Thank you all for obliging and supporting the gym through this two years!! I know it isn’t easy to workout with a mask on and I commend ya’ll for sticking through it and looking after each other and the gym!

Located in the heart of downtown, Squamish Athletic Club has been serving locals and superstars such as Arnold Swartznagger and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for 25 years and counting. The Squamish Athletic Club is a no-nonsense fitness club whose mission is to provide a fun and friendly facility where people can meet and surpass their personal fitness goals, regardless of age, ability, or existing fitness level.

We understand the hectic lifestyle many people have and we don’t want to slow you down. We want to see you come to the gym, get your workouts done with no hassle, then go. Whether you are a recreational fitness enthusiast, an elite level athlete, weekend warrior, or trying to lose weight, we want to give you the core you need to get the job done.

With 3800 square feet of space, our main gym has 18 pieces of cardio equipment, free weights, and body master and apex machines. In our studio/stretching space, we have punching bags, spin bikes, aerobic steps, skipping ropes, medicine balls, mats, balance boards, body balls.

Our studio now has a 12 x 12 – 48 degree bouldering wall, a 8 foot slab and 4 foot slightly overhung wall, a 15 degree campus board with small, medium, large and extra large rungs, an overhung pegboard, duo stall bars and crossover symmetry bands.

Do we have classes? No. Not yet.

We are proud to support National Team carded athletes through the Canadian Sport Institute.