The Squamish Athletic Club is a no-nonsense fitness club whose mission is to provide a fun and friendly facility where people can meet and surpass their personal fitness goals, regardless of age, ability, or existing fitness level. Located in the heart of downtown, Squamish Athletic Club has been serving locals and superstars such as Arnold Swartznagger and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for 25 years and counting.

We understand the hectic lifestyles that many people have and we don’t want to slow you down. We want to see you come to the gym, and get your workouts done with no hassle. Whether you are a recreational fitness enthusiast, an elite level athlete, weekend warrior, or simply wanting some fitness or try the gym for the first time, we want to give you the core tools to get the job done.

With 3800 square feet of space, our main gym has 19 pieces of cardio equipment, free weights, body master, apex machines, kettle bells, cast iron weights, and more. Our studio has a 12 x 12 – 48 degree bouldering wall, a 8 foot slab and 4 foot slightly overhung wall, a 15 degree campus board with small, medium, large and extra large rungs, an overhung pegboard, duo stall bars and crossover symmetry bands. There are also punching bags, a speed bag, spin bikes, aerobic steps, skipping ropes, medicine balls, mats, balance boards, body balls, etc.

For a complete list of our equipment, click here.

Do we have classes? No sorry.

We are proud to support National Team carded athletes through the Canadian Sport Institute.