Hi Lovely SAC members, 

As many of you know by now, SAC made the difficult decision to temporarily close its doors on March 19th in an attempt to protect our community from the spread of Covid-19. This closure has given us a chance to thoroughly clean the gym and prevent unknown contamination. We hope that you can see this as a preventative health care measure for both yourself, your neighbor, and the many members of our community who we care greatly about. In this situation, the health and wellbeing of everyone is of utmost importance. 

We will make the decision to reopen based on the updates and guidance provided by the health and municipal authorities here in BC, and the Public Health Agency of Canada and their assessment of this evolving situation. I will send an email once that happens and am hoping that this is sooner rather than later.

Please note, despite having searched through hundreds of member forms, I could not find every member’s email hence this public post. If you are a member and did not receive this email, please contact me at squamishathleticclubs@gmail.com

Until then, what are your options? 

Weight borrowing or rental:

Long term monthly members are welcome to stop by and borrow some weights so long as they maintain their memberships. Term members can do the same so long as their memberships are active for the duration of closure, and with a deposit. If this interests you, please reply and we can see what is left and arrange a time.

What about your pass? 

We all really want SAC to be standing after this which will take some strong community effort. Therefore, we ask that you consider keeping your memberships active, and keep your monthly payments continuing. This would be much appreciated as we still have to pay rent and bills, so every penny will help SAC significantly! If you have weights on loan, you will automatically be charged. We understand everyone is in a different situation and we open heartedly support whatever you choose.

Here are your options: 

Monthly automatic billing members: please email me at squamishathleticclubs@gmail.com with your choice. Please note: if I do not hear from you, charges will continue as normal.

  1. Maintain your membership as is. Reply with “Opt-In”.


  1. Pay HALF of what you normally pay until reopening. Reply with “Opt-Half”


  1. Put your membership on hold until we reopen. Reply with “Opt-Out”.  If you choose this option, upon reopening, SAC’s new rates will apply if they don’t already. ($42 a month for adults, $34 for students and seniors, 10% discount for families. All prices including GST). 

Options for Term pre-paid members:

  1. Let your pass expire and renew as normal


  1. Upon reopening, you can opt for a partial or full extension of your membership for the amount of time lost on your pass due to the closure. 

Are you looking for other ways to support SAC and other local businesses? 

Consider pre-purchased gift cards! Easy to buy, and accessible once we open again!


With your support, we will continue to grow and learn while keeping our community healthy and connected. Thanks ahead of time for understanding. I hope everyone is staying healthy and strong out there! If you have any questions, please reach out.


Located in the heart of downtown, Squamish Athletic Club has been serving locals and superstars such as Arnold Swartznagger and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for 25 years and counting. The Squamish Athletic Club is a no-nonsense fitness club whose mission is to provide a fun and friendly facility where people can meet and surpass their personal fitness goals, regardless of age, ability, or existing fitness level.

We understand the hectic lifestyle many people have and we don’t want to slow you down. We want to see you come to the gym, get your workouts done with no hassle, then go. Whether you are a recreational fitness enthusiast, an elite level athlete, weekend warrior, or trying to lose weight, we want to give you the core you need to get the job done.

With 3800 square feet of space, our main gym has 18 pieces of cardio equipment, free weights, and body master and apex machines. In our studio/stretching space, we have punching bags, spin bikes, aerobic steps, skipping ropes, medicine balls, mats, balance boards and body balls.

Do we have classes? YES. In our studio space at 1:00 on Tuesdays, we offer Yoga Classes with Kriszti. At 6:00 you can warm back up with Zumba with Soile. SAC members receive a discount on all classes. As things progress, we hope to offer more classes for members and non-members alike.

Our large studio space is available for rent for classes and/or private instruction, as well as a smaller office room suitable for health care practitioners.

We are proud to support National Team carded athletes through the Canadian Sport Institute as well as our local youth of ‘Team Squamish’. We are Squamish’s most affordable gym.